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G-Nursery aims to develop children to be a genius through playing that has an objective. With this concept, kids can learn various skills and experiences from one activity which is created as a bilingual activity combining with art. The curriculum is designed to response kids demand relating to love, warmth, and caring that are appropriate to each kids nature and characteristic.


Playing is an important activity for childrens life as they can learn within warm, free, and safe environment.

Playing also benefits childrens development. Children will be improved their mental, physical, emotional, social, and intellectual skills. Every time children play and experience new things, the new neurons will be created in brain affecting children to be good in remember and smarter. With this idea and the expression I am smart because I play, G-Nursery therefore considers the happiness from playing with objective as its main idea and aims to create a suitable place for children where they can find happiness and fun in their learning process.


Art is the activity that really helps children to develop their muscle, imagination, and perception through the creation of art with various kinds of harmless materials. It also improves childrens abilities such as;


  1. Self-confidence
  2. Decision making and problem solving
  3. Action planning
  4. Minor muscles development
  5. Experience and happiness
  6. Colors and shapes learning
  7. Language learning



Making children calmer, they will be more ready for other activities and happiness. Training them to do meditation is the important basic skill for children in developing their learning as the children who have good concentration can learn everything better than the children who have less concentration.

Playing easy songs guiding the children to sing is not only the activity that develops their physical skill but also is the activity that makes them more cheerful and confident.

It is generally known that Classical Music can develop childrens IQ and EQ. The variety of music rhythm will comfort their emotion and develop their learning process constantly.

Growing Chemical Free Vegetables
Children will enjoy planting vegetables and learn to care those plants. They will be proud and eager to tell their parents about the outcomes of what they have done with friends. It also makes them familiar with nature and eating vegetables.

Playing among good nature will improve childrens perception and develop them to explore, study, and examine the surroundings. Besides, children will be cultivated to love nature that can also strengthen their body and concentration.

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